These are free to use right now over the internet!  Just click on the links and find a board that would work well for you (be sure to click on "Speak Mode").   They are firmly set though - they are shared samples that someone other than you uses, and you can't change them or personalize them for your own self.  Look at the available words, then use them however you can to get your point across.  If there isn't an available word for something you want to say, you may have to spell it.  Do the same sentence over and over until you get fast enough.


PRACTICE:  Hello, yes, no, I want, (food) I'm hungry, (food) I'm thirsty, I want (food) (fruit) banana, I want (little words) to (home) go (little words) to the (places)(outside) beach.

PRACTICE:  Hello, yes, no, goodbye, I want (eat) pizza, I am good, (where) where (is) is my (read) book.