If you can’t talk well enough, then use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Just press a button and it will say the word or sentence clearly for you. 
STEP 1) Write out your history for the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).  Tell about your problems, how they prevent you from communicating, and the things you can and can't do.
STEP 2) Look at the products below and see what might work for your needs, considering your language, eyesight, ability to move, etc.
STEP 3) The SLP will do testing, write an official report, recommend a device that "fits," get a doctor's order, and send the report to your insurance company, who will probably pay for it.
STEP 4) Immediately learn how to create new buttons and pages, and design it to be easy for you to say things how you would say them.  Practice sentences until you are fast at them. 

AbleNet,  ablenetinc.com, 800-322-0956, Roseville, MN.
  • iTalk2,  $190. Has 2 big buttons to self-record.
  • iTalk4,  $250.  Has 4 buttons to self-record. 
  • QuickTalker FT 7, $195.  Has 7 buttons to self-record. (FT means "Feather Touch" - very lightly touch and it activates the button).
  • SuperTalker FT, $410.  Has 8 buttons to self-record.
  • QuickTalker 7, $185.  Has 7 buttons (3 set and 4 changeable) to self-record.
  • QuickTalker 12, $205.  Has 12 buttons (3 set and 9 changeable) to self-record.
  • QuickTalker FT 12, $215.  Has 12 buttons (3 set and 9 changeable) to self-record.
  • QuickTalker FT 23, $235.  Has 23 buttons (3 set and 20 changeable) to self-record.
  • TalkTrac Wearable Communicator, $195.  Wear on wrist, 4 buttons to self-record.
  • QuickTalker Freestyle 9.7”(or Mini 7.9” or Pro 12.9”), $3500.  Uses the ipad they designed just for communication, loaded with a communication app of your choice (Proloquo2Go, LAMP, or TouchChat) for thousands of words pre-installed.   They do everything for you except write the report.

Attainment Company, attainmentcompany.com, 800-327-4269, Verona, WI.
  • AT 24, $89.  Has 24 buttons to self-record, slim to fit in pocket or purse.  This is the easiest device for portable use.  
  • Talking Photo Album, $69.  Has 20 pages to put in your own 5x7 photos, and self-record 10 seconds each page.
  • GoTalk 4+, $200.  Has 4 buttons to self-record, 5 levels for 20 messages.
  • GoTalk 9+, $220.  Has 9 buttons to self-record, 5 levels for 45 messages.
  • GoTalk 20+, $250.  Has 20 buttons to self-record, 5 levels for 100 messages.
  • GoTalk 32+, $270.  Has 32 buttons to self-record, 5 levels for 160 messages.
  • GoTalk 20+ Lite Touch, $350.  Has 5x the touch sensitivity (good for weak fingers), 5 levels for 100 messages.

Talk To Me Technologies,  talktometechnologies.com, 1-877-392-2299, Cedar Falls, IA.
  • Wego A, $7500.  5”, 7”, 10”, or 13” Touchscreen.  Can choose which software you want for thousands of words (CoughDrop, Grid, PODD, TouchChat, LAMP, GoTalk NOW PLUS, Super Core, Proloquo2go, Predictable, WordPower, or TTMT).
  • Zuvo, $7900.  10”, 12”, or 18” Touchscreen.  Can choose software (AlphaCore, Super Core, PODD, WordPower, or TTMT).
  • Eyespeak, $15,800.  12” or 18”.  Just look at the Zuvo screen, and it “sees” where you are looking to select the right button, no hands needed.  
  • Wego Write, $7500.  7” screen, type on keyboard, huge speaker.  Advanced word-prediction learns your frequently-used words for speed.
  • Allora, $6000.  10” wide, type on keyboard, shows display on both sides for listener to see text, word-prediction.  Loud speaker.

Prentke Romich Company, prentrom.com, 800-848-8008, Wooster, OH.
  • Accent 800, $6600.  8” Touch screen, thousands of words.
  • Accent 1000, $7300.  10” touch screen, thousands of words.
  • Accent 1400, $7600.  14” touch screen, thousands of words.
  • PriO, $4000., 9.7” touch screen, thousands of words.
  • PriO mini, $4000., 7.9” touch screen, thousands of words.

Saltillo, saltillo.com, 800-382-8622, Wooster, OH.
  • Via Pro, $5000.  Touch screen.  Can choose the software (TouchChat® with WordPower™, LAMP Words for Life® or Dialogue™).
  • NovaChat, 5”, 8”, 10”, 12”.  Touch screen.  Choose English, Spanish, German, French, or Dutch.  (call for price)
  • Touch Chat Express 8.  Touch screen, English or Spanish.  (call for price)

Lingraphica, aphasia.com, 866-322-0956, Roseville, MN.
  • Mini Talk, 8” 
  • All Talk, 12” 
  • Touch Talk, 10” 
  • (Each of the 3 has touch screen, over 9000 words, choose English or Spanish, has whiteboard for drawing or writing, therapy exercises, mouth position videos, and reading comprehension exercises built in.  For prices, you have to call them for a quote.)

Tobii Dynavox, us.tobiidynavox.com, 800-344-1778, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • I-Series (I-13, I-16), Uses “the world’s #1 eyetracker,” or switch or touch to select buttons.  (call for the non-listed prices)
  • EM-12, Is the case & software that transforms a Microsoft Surface Pro into a device.
  • I-110, Rugged, water resistant, pre-installed with 3 AAC apps.
  • SC Tablet, ipad, pre-installed with 5 AAC apps 
  • Indi 7, $1000.  Installed with 2 basic children’s AAC apps.
  • PCEye, Allows eye-only control on almost any Windows tablet, laptop, or monitor.

Zygo-USA, zygo-usa.com, 510-249-9660, Fremont, CA.  Gets Jabla products from Belgium.
  • Mobi 2, $7500.  Has 12" touch screen, choose software (Mind Express or The Grid 2), with infrared to control other devices in your home (TV, etc.).
  • Smart II, $4000.  Small, thin, handheld, use finger or stylus.  Choose English or Spanish, or both.
  • Zingui, $7300. 8.4" screen, can do pre-loaded and recorded input.  Choose English or Spanish.  
  • Tellus 4, $8000.  13.3" screen, 6.8 lbs, fast processor and lots of memory, can use different software, wifi, bluetooth.
  • PolyAndro with Persona for Android.  Uses Google Text-to-speech.  Type it and it says it.  Can alternate between languages on the same device.
  • Talara-32, Record 45 min. worth of your own words, 4 levels of 32 buttons, 127 messages total.
  • Voca-Pen, $300.  Stick a special sticker on anything, record your word or phrase, then point the pen at it and it says it out loud.

APPLE DEVICE APPS (for iOS ipad, iphone, Apple Watch, etc.).  Download from Apple App Store.

  • Proloquo2Go,  $249.99. 10,000+ words, 25,000 pictures, easily put in your own words and pictures too.  English, Spanish, French, or Dutch.  100+ free voices to choose from.  Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • LAMP Words for Life, $299.99.  A language-learning program that builds vocabulary gradually, ending with over 3000 words and customizable. 
  • GoTalk Now, $100. Stores unlimited messages and your own pictures, made by Attainment Company.
  • Touch Chat, $149.99 (or bundle with huge 40,000 picture vocab for $299.99), fully customizable, just drag button to where you want it.  Available in English, Arabic, and Hebrew.  
  • Speak for Yourself, $300., Focuses on your most frequent words and builds on it in 67 categories.
  • Coughdrop AAC, Free for 2 months, then $200. lifetime or $6. per month.  Apple, Android, Windows, and Amazon.  Design and back up your device in the Cloud for use on multiple devices.
  • TalkTablet PRO,  Free trial, then $79.99, over 5000 words in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, and many more.  Apple, Android, and Windows.  Can call support free any weekday at 866-487-1006, Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Sono Flex, $99.  Build a large vocabulary that's easy to navigate.   Apple, Android, Amazon, PCs, or any Tobii (Dynavox) device.  
  • Avaz AAC, $179.99.  Mostly for kids, Available in 15 languages (English and many languages of India). Apple and Android.  
  • Grid for ipad, Free for 30 days, then $349.99 lifetime or $9.99 per month.  Available in 18 languages (English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, and Welsh).
  • Snap+Core First, $199.99.  Upgradable for $40 to 30+ languages and 100+ voices.  Uses touch, eye gaze, or scanning. Available in  English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.  Apple and Windows.  
  • aacorn AAC, $89.99.  Fun pictures for kids that come up like word prediction, so less "hunting."  
  • QuickTalk, $24.99 11,000 images for kids, or take your own pics.  50 voices in 24 languages. You can self-record, or type and it will speak.  Apple, Android, and Amazon.
  • My Words, Free Trial, then $3.99.  Comes with 200 words, but you can edit and add your own pictures and words at will.  
  • THERE ARE DOZENS OF FREE AAC APPS!  Just go to the Apple Store and search "augmentative and alternative communication," or just "AAC."  

ANDROID DEVICE APPS (for Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, Lenovo, Sony, Xiaomi, TechnoSpark, etc.).  Download from Google Play Store.

  • Coughdrop AAC, Free for 2 months, then $200. lifetime or $6. per month.     Design and back up your device in the Cloud for use on multiple devices.  Apple, Android, Windows, or Amazon.
  • TalkTablet PRO,  Free trial, then $79.99, over 5000 words in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, and many more.  Apple, Android, and Windows.  Can call support free any weekday at 866-487-1006, Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Sono Flex, $99.    Build a large vocabulary that's easy to navigate.  Apple, Android, Amazon, PCs, or any Tobii (Dynavox) device.
  • Avaz AAC, $179.99,   Mostly for kids, Available in 15 languages (English and many languages of India).  Apple and Android.
  • QuickTalk, $24.99 11,000 images for kids for quick choices, or take your own pics.  50 voices in 24 languages. You can self-record, or type and it will speak.  Apple, Android, and Amazon.
  • Dialogo AAC Autism, $269.99.  Includes animated images for better understanding of meanings.  Completely customizable.  
  • Leelo AAC, FREE.  For kids with autism, it says words and pre-made sentences.  Choose from 17 voices and 35 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • LetMeTalk, FREE.  Has 9000 images, and you can take your own pictures too. Easy to add your own buttons to pages.  Choose from 16 languages.  Easy links to install dozens of different synthesized voices (under $4 each for Acapella, Google, Vocalizer, E-Speak, CereProc, and Svox).
  • Spoken - Tap to Talk AAC, FREE.  Select words, and it predicts the next words you would probably say for easier sentence-level communication.  
  • SymboTalk - AAC Talker, FREE.  Library has 60,000 images and you can take your own pictures too.  Supports 30 languages.  
  • I Can Communicate! AAC, FREE.  Has 13,000 pictures, easy switch between English and Spanish.  Full-featured AAC app.  
  • AAC Essentials, FREE, or $9.99 for full version.  Structure whole sentences with just a few taps, easy to use.
  • JABtalk, FREE.  Use the preset words/pictures, or download unlimited internet pictures or take your own, and record your own words/sentences.  
  • Voice - Communicate with Pictures (AAC), FREE.  Extremely customizable for your own text, voice, images, colors, categories, etc.  Can take your own pictures and self-record too.
  • CommBoards - AAC Speech Assistant, $19.99.  Use the pre-made boards, and customize with your own pictures and self-recordings.  
  • EESpeech AAC, FREE.  Customize your number of rows & columns, language, and voice.  Save boards to the Cloud for use on devices anywhere.
  • Voice AAC App for India, FREE.  Only available in English, it has 100 symbolstix pictures, and you can take your own pics and customize it for you.  
  • MyTalker AAC, FREE.  Uses mostly real pictures of things - take your own pics too to add words and sentences for your use.
  • Alexicom AAC, FREE.  Has 7000 images and over 1200 pre-made pages, 20 voices in 5 languages.  Use pages online or offline.  
  • Ivez AAC Speech Assistant, $5.49.  Use pictures, text to speech, or quickly select your own favorite phrases/sentences.
  • TalkWishes - AAC, $16.99.  Use their pictures, or replace with your own pics and self-recordings.  Available in 12 languages.  
  • TAAK - AAC Communicator, $14.99.  Use their pictures, or take your own.  
  • Cboard, FREE.  Has 3400 symbols, customize for your need with pictures and text, 33 languages.  
  • Voice4u AAC Communication, $59.99.  180 pictures, simple enough for a 3 year-old to use.  
  • Pocket Voice, FREE.  Create sentences and arrange in priority order.  
  • Talk Up! Pictograms Communicator, FREE.  Create new categories and add your own images and change picture sizes.
  • Niki Talk, FREE.  Create picture boards, upload your favorite pictures.  Available in 31 languages, 70 voices.  
  • Talk in Pictures X, FREE.  Can download images from the internet, easily get to favorites or recently used phrases.  
  • HelpMe Talk, FREE.  Available in multiple languages and voices, use your own videos, adjust vocal pitch and speech rate.
  • Briggi Speaks AAC Talker, $0.99.  Easily make your own sentences using pictures and words, saved to say again. 
  • Talkin Pictures, FREE.  Fully customizable, for your own pictures, easily hold down button to edit it.  
  • Quick Symbols AAC Pro, $24.99.  Select symbols to make a phrase to say, take own pictures too.  1000 symbols in 32 categories.
  • Tap Chat, FREE.  No word or image limits, saved in cloud so can access them anywhere.  Customize button sizes.
  • MyTalkMobile, FREE.  Can self-record and use own photos and videos, drag and drop pics where you want them.  
  • THERE ARE MANY MORE FREE AAC APPS!  Just go to Google Play and search  "augmentative and alternative communication," or just "AAC."

WINDOWS DEVICE APPS (for Microsoft Surface tablet, PCs, laptops, etc.).  Download from Microsoft Store.  

  • Coughdrop AAC, Free for 2 months, then $200. lifetime or $6. per month.   Design and back up your device in the Cloud for use on multiple devices.  Apple, Android, Windows, or Amazon.
  • TalkTablet PRO,  Free trial, then $79.99, over 5000 words in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, and many more.  Apple, Android, and Windows.  Can call support free any weekday at 866-487-1006, Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Sono Flex, $99.  Build a large vocabulary that's easy to navigate.  Apple, Android, Amazon, PCs, or any Tobii (Dynavox) device.  
  • Snap+Core First, $199.99.    Upgradable for $40 to 30+ languages and 100+ voices.  Uses touch, eye gaze, or scanning.  Available in  English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.  Apple and Windows.  
  • My Words, Free Trial, then $3.99.  Comes with 200 words, but you can edit and add your own pictures and words at will.  
  • BrainControl Touch AAC, $29.99.  In English, German, and Italian.  Can customize sentences.

TEXT TO SPEECH APPS (type and it speaks).  Best for people who can already read, spell, and type.

  • Proloquo4Text, $120.  Type in words, make phrases you need for situations.  Apple.
  • Verbally, $100.  Get Premium to have 5 voices and add your own phrases.  Apple.
  • Assistive Express, $24.99.  3 voices, quick access to previously-used  sentences.  Apple.
  • Flip Writer, Type, and it shows in your listener’s direction.  Apple.
  • Listen and Speak, $14.99.  Type, and text shows in your listener’s direction.  Saves your commonly-used sentences.  Apple.
  • Predictable, $159.99.  Tracks your head, then blink to select the button.  Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish.  Apple, Android, and Windows.  
  • HandySpeech,  $2.99.  Just handwrite, and it types it neat and says it for you.  It senses your handwriting style, and you can program in the abbreviations you use.  Apple.
  • Speech Assistant.  Free, then $6.99 for many more categories of pre-loaded words.  Even with the free version you can make and save your own sentences.  Android.
  • Haverin', Free Trial, then $29.99.  Text to Speech.  Type and save your own phrases and arrange them how you like (alphabetical, category, etc.), and also arrange your screen (button sizes, pronunciation, etc.).  Windows.
  • SpeakEasy, Free.  Type, and it predicts what you might say.  The more you use a phrase, the higher it shows on the prediction list.  Android.
  • TelepatiX AAC, FREE.  Type, or let it auto-scan and stop it at the letter or word, OR just blink to select buttons.

Other Helpful AAC Things

  • Symbol Speak, $99.99.  This app shows pictures in real time as you talk so they can be seen by an AAC user, who will then learn to communicate by using them.  Normally, kids learn language by hearing then talking.  Deaf kids learn by seeing signs then making the signs themselves.  Nonverbal kids who see the AAC pictures will learn use the pictures to express their own thoughts.  21,000+ pictures, Apple.
  • If you are paralyzed and can only move your head, try the SafeLaser System from Invotek (invotek.org, 479-632-4166, Alma, AR).  You attach a laser pointer to the side of your head and move your head to point the dot at letters to spell things or pictures to say things.  It costs $3495., or use it indefinitely for $54.95 a month.  
  • If you are paralyzed or "locked in" and can only move your eyes, try the Eyegaze Edge from Eyegaze (eyegaze.com, 800-393-4293, Fairfax, VA).  Calibrate it by watching the dot on the screen move, then just look at a key for 1/2 second and it types it and says your sentence.  Call for a price.  
  •  About FREE Apps:  If there is a Free or "Lite" version of an app, then get it and try it out, and practice using all the different features you can on it.  Go to the "Settings" and see what else it can do.  If you like it and it works for you, then immediately pay for any upgrades to get the full version, especially if it has the options of taking your own pictures and recording your own voice.  You will find that an extra $2.99, $7.99, or $24.99 will allow you to communicate on your own phone or tablet just as well as (or better) than a $7000 device.  More and more cheap apps are being developed today that do the same job as the older expensive software found in dedicated devices sold by big companies.  If something meets your needs, you can get it today for cheap or free!
  • Hint about Pricing:  On the more expensive devices (over $1000), AAC companies often negotiate payment with your insurance company, so the actual price may differ based on your insurance plan or even the medical group.  Some companies make deals so much with different insurances that they do not list a price on their website, but rather have you "call for a quote" because the prices can be so different.  The good thing about this is that you usually have to pay very little because the insurance company ends up paying most of the cost, and the AAC company tries very hard to help you easily cover the rest.
  • Another Hint about Prices:  Companies these days recognize that apps and software are costing less and less for the same or better functionality than years ago.  So they put current apps on a current device (ipad or other tablet) and charge $5000 (for Saltillo's Via Pro) to $7500 (for Talk To Me Technology's Wego A) for it.  You can do that yourself for a fraction of the cost.  For instance, if you bought a brand new Lenovo M10 Tablet for $170, and the Coughdrop AAC app for $200, then you only spent $370, which is way less than a tenth of what the big companies are charging for the same thing, plus with Coughdrop you have free access to the picture boards you create via the internet to any of your other devices.  You can choose whatever app works for you, even a free one, and if you already have a device of your own, you could have everything you need to communicate effectively for a very low cost.


STEP 1)  Write a report about yourself telling about your situation, how you are currently able to communicate, what you can and can’t do with talking and moving, etc.  The Speech Therapist will use the info in your report to write a bigger report that’s required for insurance to pay for your device.  Answer the following questions:  What’s your name?  How old are you?  Who all lives with you?   What’s your story, situation, or problem?   Who do you talk with the most?  What do you talk about (your wants, needs, answers, own ideas, interests, etc.)?    How well can people understand you when you try to talk?  Where do you work or go to school?  What therapies or things have you tried so far to talk better?  How do you communicate with others (talk, point, etc.)?  About how many words do you know?  How well can you read?  How well can you write?  How good is your memory?  How small of a square can you accurately touch every time?  How’s your hearing?  How’s your vision?  How big does a word need to be to see it clearly?  How do you behave when things don’t work right and you get frustrated?  In the near future, who do you need to talk with, where at, and about what?  Can you walk OK?  How well can you carry things in your hands?  Do you need to speak another language besides English?  What insurance do you have (company, phone number)?  Who is your doctor (and the address/phone number)?   Why do you need a communication device?  (List all the possible reasons you can think of for needing one - be convincing!).   If you got a device, would you actually use it to communicate?  It is also VERY helpful to make a list of the words and sentences you say every day (people’s names, greetings, what you commonly ask for, tell about, etc.) so they can be programmed into the device so you can say things as you normally would.  For example, the programs will be pre-programmed with "yes," but you might actually want to say "yup" or "uh-huh."                                                                  REPORT TEMPLATE FOR THE SLP

STEP 2)  Look at the features of these products, and figure out which ones might work best for your needs and abilities.  The biggest isn’t necessarily the best for you.  Decide what you can really actually use, considering your hand stability to push buttons, your memory of where things are, etc.  For a sample of how these devices work, try it now at mycoughdrop.com/example/core-112. (Be sure to hit the blue "Speak Mode" button).    HINTS: For the expensive ones, most companies let you borrow a device for a few weeks for a free trial to see if you like it first - you should call them directly and set up your free trial.  People with a good memory can do well with words in many levels or in categories.  People with poor memories do better if all the words are on one visible page.  If you're weak or can't control your arms well enough to touch a little button, then consider a device with a bigger button, higher sensitivity to touch, eye gaze technology, or a laser or stick pointer attached to your head.  If you need to self-record the buttons, have someone else do it who kind of talks like you - the pre programmed ones have more electronic-sounding voices.

Step 3)  Give your story and your list of preferred devices to your Speech-Language Pathologist.  The SLP will then do more formal testing to get additional in-person data on how you talk, and ask more questions in order to get complete enough information to write up a report.  There may even be other suggestions on which device would be the best "fit."  The SLP will contact the doctor, and the doctor will read the report and write an order for the recommended device.  Then the device company will work with the insurance company to get it paid for.  You may need to read and sign some papers and be involved in the process, so there will be "work" involved to get it so you don't have to pay so much.  

Step 4)  Once you get your new device, immediately learn how to create new buttons and pages, then design it for yourself to meet your own needs.  Put words that you say a lot close together in order so you can make easy sentences.  In fact, you should save a whole sentence that you say a lot onto a single button so it only takes one push to say.  Create "place" pages that contain all the words necessary for each place you would go to (home, work, class, playground, McDonalds, etc.), so you don't have to keep looking around for the words you need on separate pages.  If your school class is talking about volcanos this week, then make a page that has buttons for magma, melted rock, eruption, etc. so you can participate.   Make your device simple for you personally to use.   If you can't find buttons to say what you need to say, then create them and put them together in a way that's easy for you to use.  DO NOT leave things the way they are on the new device - they are meant to be changed to fit your needs and your style.  Practice by thinking of a sentence, finding the buttons to say it, and "saying" the sentence several times, getting faster and faster each time as you remember where each button is located.  You will be slow at first, but you will soon get faster at using your device and will be able to communicate much better. 

THE FOLLOWING COMPANY WAS GOOD, but its website and phone number have been found to no longer work, 10-21-22.

Advanced Multimedia Devices, Inc., amdi.net, 888-353-2634, Farmingdale, NY.   
  • Partner/Plus 4, $240.  Has 4 buttons to self-record, 2 levels for 8 messages.
  • Let’s/Speak 6 Plus, $238., Has 6 buttons to self-record, 10 levels for 50 messages.
  • Tech/Talk with 8 Levels, $395., Has 8 buttons, self-record for 64 messages.
  • Tech/Talk with 12 Levels, $500., Has 8 buttons, self-record for 96 messages.
  • Smart/Talk, $685.  8 buttons, but you can switch out the picture cards as needed for unlimited levels and unlimited recordings.  Just buy more cards. 
  • Tech/Plus 8, $585.  8 big buttons, self-record 12 levels for 96 messages, plus an extra 4 smaller buttons that stay the same message at each level.
  • Tech/Chat with 12 levels, $500.  Has 16 buttons, 12 levels for 192 messages.
  • Tech/Plus 16, $685. 16 big buttons, record 12 levels, plus an extra 4 smaller buttons for the same message at each level, for 196 messages total.
  • Let’s/Speak 24 Plus, $260.  Has 24 buttons and 10 levels, so records 240 messages. You can switch out your overlay of pictures for each level.
  • Tech/Plus 32, $785.  Has 32 buttons to record on, 12 levels deep (plus 4) for 388 messages.
  • Tech/Speak with 12 Levels, $624.  Has 32 buttons to self-record, holds 384 messages.  
  • Smart/Speak, $785.  32 buttons, self-record each card of 6 levels deep for 192 messages per card.  Just buy unlimited cards for hundreds of more messages.  
  • Smart/128, $985.  Has 128 buttons to record messages 6 levels deep for 768 messages per card.  Buy more cards as desired for unlimited messages.